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Conditional formatting directly in PowerPoint

Grunt provides a vast range of conditional formatting options. Apply data-driven formatting to your content inside of PowerPoint.

Grunt gives PowerPoint powerful new capabilities. You can spend your time on impactful work, while Grunt resolves data consistency and formatting. Together with Grunt, you will be able to do more, with higher quality — in less time

Grunt qualities you will love!

Experience a powerful data connection that guarantees up-to-date content

With Grunt, there is no more worrying about whether your slides are up to date with their data sources. Grunt notifies you when your source data has changed, and let's you retrieve the changes in a consistent and secure manner.

Create rich visualizations that better convey your message

Choose from hundreds of dynamic visualizations such as charts, shapes, guages and icons. Grunt is the only PowerPoint add-in that supports fully connected visualizations.

Experience a flexible layout system that frees you up to focus on content

Take advantage of Grunt's unique layout system to ensure visual consistency - and leave it up to Grunt to align, resize and reposition your objects

Enjoy an effortless slide design method that is data driven and rule based

Update your data and reorder your content without having to redo your entire design with Grunt's powerful design rule system.

Copy/paste and share advanced formatting across objects, slides and presentations to ensure that your formatting is consistent.

Save time by leveraging a powerful data driven design approach

With Grunt, there is no more spending hours tweaking your design or dreading making any changes because it will require hours of work.

Ensure that both your design and your data is consistent across slides and presentations

The combination of connected visualizations and a rule based design approach ensures that you no longer have to worry about stale or inconsistent data, or inconsistent or misaligned visualizations.

There is not need to run checks after the fact - everything looks correct and stays correct from the outset.

“Let Grunt take care of double checking minute details and free your mind to focus on the bigger picture.”
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Greater impact. Less work.

Grunt improves the way you work with PowerPoint and let you focus on the things that matter. Our users keep impressing us with the way they utilize Grunt to work smarter. Help us figure out its potential.

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